We're creating A safe space to nurture Skin. Self. Soul.

There She Glows

Hey I am Reg! You may have found this community through my company, There She Glows. I want to thank you for being on this journey of life with me... 

Wow this is year was my hardest year in business and in personal. Looking back I still can’t even believe I made it. 

I am really a warrior and so are you... how can we continue to really rest, heal, and restore?


I am still learning and growing each day. This group wasn’t created because I have all the answers, this group was created because I do not even have the questions formulated half of the time. But I know I am not alone. We are all of the journey of self discovery and healing. 

Living a soft life. 

Skin. Self. Soul.  

Thank you for reading this far... 

Here Is What You Are Joining:

  • A community of spiritual women with various backgrounds, belief structures, and metaphysical understandings
  • A tribe that holds you accountable of your inner work
  • A skin guide that doesn’t leave you after the facial
  • A forum to vent privately and safely
  • A place where you can learn from others who are on a similar journey of self discovery
  • A platform full of spiritual and ancestral knowledge 

I welcome you to engage, invite like minded women, and lean into this community that will truly undergird you!