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About Us

According to researchers from Stanford University, the Human body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every 7-10 years. 

The cells of the face do this same cycle every 21-30 days.

In this group we will dive deeper... beyond the epidermis, dermis, and adipose tissue. 


If indeed we do renew every decade or so... What does our new self want. Who is She/He/are They?  

This group was founded by the Owner of There She Glows & Femme•Sthetician, Regilynn Haywood, who after being birthed into the Beauty Industry and The Baptist Church by way of her parents sought more from life. A deeper understanding about the regeneration of and ability to heal oneself. From caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly to soil to flower etc… this journey never ends.

This group is the exploration of self healing, love, and holiness. You are holy and capable of seeing your old self through a new lens, leaning into what makes you happy, and trusting in your divine nature.

What do we believe here?
We believe in self sustaining healing being an infinite journey that requires many different modalities of therapy. One means we use here is skin therapy. This is initially how we started, a solo esthetician dayspa specializing in “corrective skincare” blah blah blah... because everyone gets that script right out of school and taught to regurgitate it. Something instantly went sooooo different at There She Glows but it took Regilynn 2 years of serving her community to realize that people did not come to There She Glows for skincare at all.  Yes— their skin was causing them insecurities but these insecurities ran deeper than the skin. She started making appointments longer than normal dayspas, adding in more holistic therapies, and repurposing spaces just for people to “be”, because the clients wouldn’t want to leave the space and she did not make them. Often times, those four walls were the only place they could clear their head of those insecurities even if only for a 2 hour facial. The monetary exchange at the end was only an offering to themselves for reclaiming their own SKIN | SELF | SOUL and most importantly, their inner peace. 

What else goes on here?? 

Daily Informative Community Posting

Mondays: MONEY MOOD MANIFESTATIONS + guest speakers

Tuesdays: #selfcaretuesdays 

Wednesday: WCW womb cleansing Wednesday (Singing Bowl & Free Flow) + guests speakers

Thursday: Thirsty Thursdays— Skin Edition (Fav hydrating products and supplements)

Fridays: Freedom Fridays— what did you break free from this week?

Soul Care Saturday’s & Sunday’s

The Benefits

  • Receive regular professional skincare advice.
  • Exclusive offers at There She Glows. 
  • Give and receive help as you work toward your personal and professional goals.
  • Exposure to new ideas and life experiences to draw from.
  • Challenge each other in supportive ways by holding each member accountable for creating their own success in all areas of life.
  • Instantly add growth-minded women to your network. 
  • Foster deep connections between incredible women.
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